Business Continuity Plan

First Manhattan maintains a business continuity plan (including back-up facilities) which is designed to address interruptions to our normal course of business. Our plan is reviewed annually and updated and tested as necessary. The plan outlines the actions we expect to take in the event of a building, local business district, citywide, or regional incident.

In an emergency situation, if you cannot reach our main office at 399 Park Ave. in New York City by phone (212.756.3300) and/or e-mail (, you should try the following alternatives: (1) phone numbers: 973.397.9658 (New Jersey) or (2) facsimile: 973.397.9640 (New Jersey).

The New Jersey telephone number and fax number will be functional ONLY in an emergency, and there may be a delay while we deploy the necessary personnel to make these alternatives operational. This emergency information is also available on our web site ( at all times.

If we have a firm-only business disruption, a disruption to our New York City building, or to our local business district, we intend to proceed to our disaster recovery site in New Jersey and activate our backup facilities for our data processing and phone availability. If there is a city wide or regional disruption, we will decide if our New Jersey backup site is viable and proceed accordingly. All of this information will be communicated via our website assuming we can update the information on a timely basis. We will also attempt to update a message on our main telephone number (212.756.3300) describing how we can be contacted. We will attempt to have our recovery plan in operation within the same day as the disruption, but if this is not practical, we would expect to have our recovery plan in effect by the day immediately following any disruption. Our plan will always be to resume normal business operations as soon as practical; we do not foresee instances where we would not continue our business.

If you have any questions regarding our business continuity plan, please contact Cheryl M. Kallem, Senior Managing Director, at 212.756.3155.