Our Proprietary Research

In-depth research is at the core of every investment decision we make. We have invested considerable resources into building our own in-house team of Research Analysts. Our team analyzes each company from the bottom up, employing accounting, competitive positioning, industry, and quality-of-management analyses.

Our analysts study company financial reports; press releases and regulatory filings; general, financial, and industry newspapers and periodicals; and an assortment of independent reports, studies, and databases. We also intensively study balance sheets, assessing a company’s business; its operating, financial, and competitive characteristics; and its underlying profitability. Additionally, we examine the company’s ability to generate and efficiently reinvest cash to maintain or expand its business and enhance shareholder value. Our Analysts often meet with a company’s customers, suppliers, and competitors, as well.

Importantly, our research process often includes in-person interviews and meetings with managements. The hard work we do in advance of meetings signals our seriousness to management, who in turn are willing to invest the time needed to further educate us about their business. These meetings provide valuable insight into the company and enhance our understanding of its industry position and prospects.