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David Gottesman

Founder, Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

David Gottesman Team FMC

Team Overview

The DSG Team, which includes David Gottesman (DSG), Jack Varon, Dan Helmick, and Michael Kelter, has managed portfolios for First Manhattan Co. clients since 1964. The team's long-term track record reflects a history of prudent investing, protecting and steadily building clients' wealth over time. They believe strongly in long-term investing and in the power of compounding. As patient, risk-averse, value-oriented investors, they conduct deep due diligence before making any investments on their clients' behalf. This has historically allowed for low portfolio turnover and tax efficiency.

Pictured above are the team's Portfolio Managers and Portfolio Assistants. From left to right: Dan Helmick, Christine Heim, Jennifer Del Valle, Michael Kelter, David Gottesman, Terri Molloy, Bjorg Mayring, Jack Varon, and Maria Colon.

David Gottesman Biography

David Gottesman founded First Manhattan Co. in 1964. He is a Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager. He serves on the Board of Directors for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and Mount Sinai Hospital, and is a Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the American Museum of Natural History.

Portfolio Assistant

  • Bjorg Mayring
  • 212.756.3335