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You are at the center of the investment process, which we strive to make transparent and straightforward. Your Portfolio Manager, with whom you will have a direct line of communication, constructs your portfolio security-by-security within the framework of your specific requirements. He or she can explain what positions you own, why, and how they contribute to your portfolio. This differentiates our firm from those that outsource investment decision-making and client service.

In addition, we align our financial interests with yours, investing our personal capital in the same companies we buy for you.


Based on your specific goals and our intensive research effort, experience, and sound judgment, we invest in companies that we believe are shareholder-friendly and that will deliver attractive returns over a long-term investment timeframe. Our analysis and long-term perspective enable us, in our view, to understand these businesses in great detail. Your portfolio typically will balance diversification with a concentration in our most compelling investment ideas. We believe this is the best way to grow assets in a manner consistent with individual risk tolerances.

The main tenets of our value-oriented investment approach focus on:

  • Secular drivers and long-term runway
  • Business quality and sustainable competitive advantages
  • Quality and incentives of management
  • Projecting the earnings power and/or asset value three years out and beyond

Our investment strategy incorporates equity portfolios, designed to achieve the best risk-adjusted return, and as appropriate, fixed-income portfolios, which help to generate stable income.

Our firm has successfully managed clients' assets through a variety of volatile times, including the 1973 Oil Crisis, the bursting of the tech bubble (2000-2002), and the Great Recession of 2008-2009. Decisions that we made before and during these turbulent periods contributed to capital preservation, strengthened portfolios, and enhanced long-term performance in accounts under our management.

Prior investment performance is neither a guarantee nor a reliable indicator of future results.

Meet Our Portfolio Managers

Our Portfolio Managers share a commitment to long-term, risk-averse investing, rigorous analysis, and thoughtful, personalized client service.

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